Translational Energy Research Centre

The Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC) at the University of Sheffield is one of the largest research and development facilities in Europe for zero-carbon energy, hydrogen, bioenergy, and CCUS.

Based at the University of Sheffield and forming part of its Energy Institute, we’re finding and testing practical solutions to critical energy challenges. Through world-class research and dedicated testing, we’re making green industry a reality.

TERC offers a fast-track to turning early stage research into proven, sustainable, low- or zero-carbon products and services which are ready for deployment in the UK and beyond.

At TERC, our aim is to develop technology and knowledge to tackle different aspects of CCUS. Our research capabilities cover a wide range of CCUS scenarios. Our post-combustion CO2 capture plant is fully integrated with up-stream and down-stream processes to demonstrate integrated operation of technologies at pilot scale.

Providing access to

PCC Plant (SCCP) (UK2.1)

PCC Plant - Solvent-based Carbon Capture Plant (SCCP)

BGB (BGC) (UK2.2)

Biomass Grate Combustion Boiler (BGB) 240kWth

Gas Turbine(s) GT (UK2.4)

Gas-Turbine 330kW (GT)


Blue Hydrogen Production Plant


Amine Capture Plant


Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC)


Rotating packed bed CO2 capture plant


Reverse Water Gas Shift and Fischer–Tropsch plant