Transnational Access Calls - 28 May 2021

Pre-announcement of ECCSEL ERIC ECCSELERATE project's Transnational Access calls

Pre-announcement of the Transnational Access calls of the EU Horizon 2020 funded ECCSELERATE project lead by ECCSEL ERIC


ECCSEL will in September 2021 announce the first of two Transnational Access calls as part of the ECCSELERATE project. The first call provides researchers from industry and SME's access to ECCSEL facilities. The second call will be open to industry researchers, SME's, universities, and research institutes.

The Transnational Access calls offers free access to over 70 ECCSEL world-class research facilities across Europe. A complete list over ECCSEL facilities available as part of the Transnational Access calls will be provided at at the time of the opening of the call.


  • First call – Industry Access
    Call opening: September 2021

- Industrial companies and SMEs are eligible to apply

- Identified needs of industry within CCUS research will be included in the call

- Research is open to all Technology Readiness Levels

- The Transnational Access project can be merged with other ongoing activities


Target groups for the Industry Access call

The call is open for researchers from all industrial sectors. Research in collaboration between industry and universities or research institutes will also be eligible. A selection of ECCSEL facilities that fit the needs of certain industrial sectors will be announced when the call is launched in September.


  • Second call – Industry and Researcher Access
    Call opening: February 2022

The call will focus on specific topics that will be announced, linked with ECCSEL research priorities. The second call will be open to both industry and the research community from universities and research institutes.


More information on this second round of call will be available October 2021.


Services offered as part of the Transnational Access calls:

As part of the Transnational Access calls ECCSEL offers the availability of mobile test rigs to the industry sites.

As part of the access to ECCSEL research facilities training and competence support at site will be offered.

More specific information on services offered will be available at the opening of the first call in September.



The access is free of charge. Funding is given for travel, accommodation and subsistence.


Project duration:

Research projects will have to be completed by mid-September 2022 and costs reported by end of October 2022, therefore early application is advisable.


Due to delays because of the Covid-19 pandemic, ECCSEL is now applying for an extension of the ECCSELERATE project period of at least 6 months. If granted, the period where Transnational Access funding is available will be extended accordingly.


Eligibility requirements for Transnational Access projects:

The applicant must be from another country than the facility they are applying to, this also includes the mobile test rigs. Hence, travel across borders is a requirement.


Application submission:

Applications will be reviewed monthly with the first cut-off date being 30th September 2021. The calls will remain open until approximately June 2022 on a first-come first served basis, where access is granted after a peer review process where the eligibility of the application is assessed. More information on the peer review assessment procedure of ECCSEL can be found here:


In order to guarantee excellence and high standards of quality in the way our facilities are accessed, and in light of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions we adopt a policy that promotes fair and secure interactions between the users and facility owners. To find out more:


The ECCSELERATE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 871143.


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