Transnational Access Calls - 09 Jul 2022

Pre-Announcement of 2nd Transnational Access Call

ECCSEL ERIC will in September 2022 open the second of two Transnational Access calls. The call funds access to ECCSEL ERIC research facilities and is open for applications from industry, SME’s, universities, and research institutes.

The second Transnational Access call has focus on specific knowledge gaps identified in the updated ECCSEL ERIC Research Strategy. More details on the addressed knowledge gaps will be available upon the opening of the call in September 2022.

To be eligible for funding, applicants must specify which of the CCUS knowledge gaps that will be tackled with their proposed research project. Applications can also target research gaps that are not listed in the ECCSEL ERIC Research Strategy. In this case the use of this additional knowledge gap will be reviewed by an internal panel. The members of this panel are persons who were involved in creating the updated ECCSEL ERIC Research Strategy. The important edibility criteria is that the proposed research will expand knowledge to fill CCUS knowledge gaps.


Read the complete call text here.