Projects - 18 Oct 2021

StoRIES: Creating an Eco-System for Innovation in Energy Storage

On November 1, 2021, the project StoRIES (Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System), founded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 with almost €7 million for four years, will start its activity under the leadership of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. ECCSEL ERIC is one of the partners in the project and will provide efforts in among other transnational access services, and access to four ECCSEL research facilities as part of the project.

StoRIES will address the European Green Deal objective to ensure that the EU achieves climate neutrality by 2050, focusing on the energy sector, which is to be transformed with a consistent shift towards electricity generation based on renewable energies. In particular, StoRIES will work on the development of innovative energy storage methods and on defining the current and future needs of the energy systems regarding the energy storage.

The main task of StoRIES is to bring together scientific institutions such as technology institutes and universities with industrial partners in order to jointly develop storage solutions for new technology and energy markets. The most important technological goal of StoRIES is the development of future energy storage systems of all kinds. Through shared access to 64 world-class research infrastructures and services gathered in StoRIES, the aim is to break down barriers to research and drive innovation.

Energy storage is essential for the energy transition. Unfortunately, there is no single storage technology available today that can meet this challenge on its own. Rather, a combination of different energy storage technologies is required to deliver the expected performance in terms of capacity, desired flexibility and sustainability. The StoRIES consortium brings together all the main areas of energy storage research that will focus on the hybrid solutions idea.


Read the press release here.