Projects - 02 Jun 2022

RItrainPlus workshop at IASSIST22

Strengthening Managerial Capacities in Data Policy Management and Team Building - Driving Excellence for Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities

Many RIs and CFs are still in the developmental stage and may be lacking management or leadership expertise appropriate for the operation of services. This workshop will tackle two important issues of leadership in research infrastructures (RIs) and core facilities (CFs): data policy and management, and team building. 

The first session on Data policy and data management, will focus on the skills required to define data management policies and leading teams to effective execution. It will cover the requirements for developing and implementing meaningful data-related policies across the research lifecycle.  Topics include long-term preservation, data security and staff access requirements, data storage and backup, personal data handling, and documentation. The participants will learn what is required to define appropriate workflows, roles, and responsibilities among RI staff.

The second session, will address the issue of building a stronger team. Our workplace culture is created based on a set of values, beliefs, and behaviors. The teams are constantly under tremendous constraints and pressures, which makes building the right team culture laborious. It is very easy to rely on old habits and take the easier route if that means completing a task and moving on. In this section, we will use examples and active discussion to address some of the challenges of team building: intercultural teams, getting to know our team, consensus building, diversity promotion.

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