General News - 30 Jun 2022

The ECCSEL-NatLab Italy facility of Panarea (Aeolian Island, Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) at Oceanology International 2022

From 15 to 17 March, thanks to the Italian Trade Agency – ITA, the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) presented at “Oceanology International 2022 London” the ECCSEL-NatLab Italy facility of Panarea.

The OGS researchers explained to visitors which studies, related to CCS and Ocean Acidification, can be carried out in this natural laboratory characterized by active underwater CO2 emissions, also showing instrumentation and technologies available to research and industrial communities which ask for access to this facility of ECCSEL.

OGS researchers showed the effects of environmental changes and carbon capture and storage techniques on marine ecosystem, using the hydrothermal system of Panarea as natural laboratory

A recent scientific article “Structural and Functional Analyses of Motile Fauna Associated with Cystoseira brachycarpa along a Gradient of Ocean

Acidification in a CO2-Vent System off Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Italy)” has been published. This study, other than confirming the importance of Panarea hydrothermal system as a focus area for reseaches related to OA and CCS, increases our prediction of which traits could be potentially more advantageous for species to adapt to the hypothesized scenarios of OA, and identify present and future winner and/or loser organisms in the future ocean. Besides, this type of study allows for predicting short and long-term responses of living communities to potential CO2 leakages from CCS sites. The study was conducted in the frame of the Scientific Diving Summer School hosted in the ECCSELNatLab Italy infrastructure of Panarea island.

Read the article here.

Photo credit: OGS