General News - 13 May 2022

Reporting of use of ECCSEL facilities in 2021


The usage reporting should be done using the ECCSEL website.

To get to the personal reporting pages you need to login to the ECCSEL website If you have not registered yet, you need to do so first and ask Linea ( to be added to your companies’ access group to get access to the internal section with the reporting link.

Also projects which started in 2020 and continued into 2021 and those started in 2021 and continued into 2022 should be reported.


Note to Norwegian facility owners: Any use reporting you have done over the ECCSEL website earlier this year (February / March) does not need to be repeated.  

Please find here instructions for the usage reporting.


To make ECCSEL facility use reporting easier, we have implemented the online reporting system.

All facility contacts are asked to use the ECCSEL reporting system after each access to their facility.

All facility use should be reported, external research projects as well as internal, independent of if the access was requested through ECCSEL or directly to the facility.

All research projects which started and/or finished during each annual year should be reported.

First, users have to register on the ECCSEL website (under 'Login/Register' on the top of the website). Please check your spam folder for the registration confirmation e-mail. Sometimes the e-mail goes into spam.

Once registered, log in, go to 'MyECCSEL' and click in menu on the left side on 'Results'.


Information to be reported:

  • Whether usage is by an external or an internal user
  • Which ECCSEL facility has been used and how it was found
  • If consent can be given to publish non-sensitive project information and results on ECCSEL website
  • Project financing source
  • Technology heatmap information with CCUS areas, targeted industry and TRL


After logging in, you need to choose ‘new result’, and you will see all your organisations facilities under ‘facility used’ after you choose your organisation as ‘ access provider’.

Nearly all fields are required to be completed, but if you don’t have the information for some of the fields, you can just write n/a.


  • ‘Visiting researcher’ field could be misleading. Here you enter the name of the main researcher who conducts the research project
    For internal projects you enter the name of your organisations researcher who conducts the project
  • Nationality here asks for the one of the researcher conducting the research (an employee of a Italian organisation for example could have US nationality)
  • E-mail address should also be the one of the organisations employee for internal projects
  • Pronouns: This relates to gender neutrality and asks about the preferred gender pronouns. (i.e. gender neutral pronouns are “they, them, themselves” and in addition “zie, sie, ey, ve, tey and e”). For example you could write Mx. (if you want to use the gender neutral form of Mr. or Mrs.) or just Mr., Mrs., Miss., Dr., etc
  • E-mail adress of lead researcher: It will not be published but might be used to follow up on future publications resulting from the access. Main use is for EU financed projects
  • Nationality of lead main researcher. You might need to guess it for completed projects where you are unsure about the nationality. You could also try to google it. Please use the comment field if there are multiple project managers
  • Storage of project data: Just write here what you know. For data which is stored externally of the project partner you could write “project partner stores themselves”
  • Publication links: It is possible to update this by the facility operator at a later stage. The main use is for EU projects but if someone is happy to provide a link to their publication(s) it would be great