General News - 23 May 2022

ECCSEL ERIC Whitepaper

The ECCSEL Whitepaper has been launched, where attention is drawn to CCUS as a solution to decarbonisation of energy-intensive industry. It is argued that by participating in the European Research Infrastructure for CCUS technologies – ECCSEL ERIC – countries in Europe can support, de-risk, and reduce investments costs in the costly demonstration and prototyping phase of implementing CCUS technologies.

Through common priorities in the ECCSEL Research Infrastructure, countries avoid duplication of efforts when it comes to CCUS research infrastructure and research services. The establishment of ECCSEL ERIC has shown that countries in Europe can work side by side on pre-competitive CCUS research.

The updated research priorities of ECCSEL are presented in the Whitepaper. For each of the research priorities it is ECCSEL’s intention that the corresponding updated European CCUS research infrastructure requirements will be met through integration, upgrading, or construction of new facilities, as part of the ECCSEL Infrastructure Development Plan.


Read the ECCSEL ERIC Whitepaper here


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