General News - 09 Jun 2017

Two ERICs - CESSDA ERIC and ECCSEL ERIC - hosted by Norway established today by Commission Decision

It is the first time that ERICs will be hosted by an associated country.

Read the original version on the European Commission DG Research & Innovation website.


Today the Commission established the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA ERIC) and the European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory (ECCSEL ERIC) with statutory seats in Bergen and Trondheim respectively.

ECCSEL ERIC aims at establishing a world-class distributed research infrastructure to facilitate superior experimental research on new and improved CO2 capture, transport and storage techniques (CCS). ECCSEL ERIC has its statutory seat in Trondheim. The Commission has supported ECCSEL under FP-7 and H2020 for an amount of about 6 Mln EUR. ECCSEL entered the ESFRI Roadmap in 2008.