Events & Conferences - 27 Apr 2022

Welcome to the opening of Pore Imaging Laboratory (X-ray Micro CT)

SINTEF are pleased to invite you to the opening on May 3, 2022 of the ECCSEL Research infrastructure, the Pore Imaging Laboratory.

The Pore Imaging Laboratory consist of a state-of-the-art industrial X-ray micro-CT scanner, which is tailored together with various components to deliver capabilities of imaging the inner structures of various materials with resolutions from 0,5 µm, and sample sizes up to one meter in length. The laboratory is further complemented with equipment for performing in-situ measurements at various conditions of pressure and temperature, under simultaneous X-ray imaging of the dynamic changes in real time. This makes the Pore Imaging laboratory a unique European research infrastructure covering a large range of applications such as subsurface geological materials and multiphase flow, general porous media, material and mechanical characterization, additive manufacturing, batteries and reverser engineering. The Pore Imaging Laboratory is financed by ECCSEL and SINTEF Industry.


Deadline: April 27, 2022


10.30 – Grand opening and presentation of Pore Imaging laboratory infrastructure, SINTEF and NFR

12.00 – Lunch

12.30 – Presentation of the current status of ECCSEL infrastructure in Norway

14.30 – End of program