Events & Conferences - 08 Nov 2023

Webinar: Material compatibility within the CO2 transport chain

Time and date: Wednesday 15 November 2023, 14-15 CET


Sustainable and efficient deployment of CCS requires suitable and reliable solutions at all levels of the value chain, including transport. As CCS projects are getting close to being realised, the knowledge of which materials may be safely and effectively used in the CO2 transport is a key aspect. These talks focused on the behaviour of carbon steel and non-metallic materials present in the CO2 transport infrastructure, with the aim to safely transport the CO2 and to avoid its re-emission during transport.


Bjørn Helge Morland – Research scientist at IFE (Institute for Energy Technology), Norway
Title: “Carbon steel transport systems and cross-chemical reactions within CO2

Luca Ansaloni – Research scientist in the Sustainable Energy department of SINTEF
Industry, Norway

Title: “Compatibility of CO2 and non-metallic materials in the CO2 transport chain”

Q&A session chaired by:
Manuele Gatti, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano (Department of
Energy), Italy

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