Events & Conferences - 29 Mar 2022

Joint Commission-ESFRI Workshop: R&I needs of Research Infrastructures


Horizon Europe Research Infrastructures activities under Excellent Science aim at empowering Europe through world-class and accessible Research and Technology Infrastructures. In addition, the ERA Policy Agenda includes an action to strengthen sustainability, accessibility and resilience of research infrastructures.

The Commission and ESFRI propose to launch discussions to align further the policy on European research infrastructures and the operational support as shaped in the Horizon Europe Strategic Orientations.

The workshop aims at ensuring a shared understanding on R&I needs of research infrastructures, their services, access, instrumentation and technologies. For that purpose, building on the recent analysis by ESFRI of the research infrastructures landscape, it will invite representatives of research infrastructures, of research infrastructures projects, national delegates in relevant Committees to discuss how best to support the development of the RI landscape, the delivering of services, the next generation of instruments, tools and other relevant aspects.


This event is by-invitation only.


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