Events & Conferences - 18 Oct 2022

Industrial workshop on the envisaged service model of ECCSEL ERIC and industrial alignment of the Research Priorities

ECCSEL ERIC organised the pre-open forum workshop on 19 September 2022, as part of the 15th CO2 GeoNet Open Forum, Venice, Italy. In the workshop the draft updated Research Priorities of ECCSEL ERIC for CO2 capture, storage, transportation was presented, and feedback was provided. ECCSEL ERIC service models were discussed. Results will be made public in the ECCSELERATE project deliverable Updated ECCSEL ERIC Research Priorities.

The ECCSEL ERIC Research Priorities provides framework for the ECCSEL ERIC research infrastructure, and the services offered by ECCSEL to industry and research communities. The Research Priorities identifies research gaps and new research facilities for construction by ECCSEL. In 2017 research priorities for CO2 storage and CO2 transport were formulated. These have been updated and will be part of the ECCSELERATE report published later this year.

The ECCSEL ERIC CO2 capture priorities reflect high level industry needs. These are categorized into liquid absorbents, solid sorbents and membrane systems. Potential services from ECCSEL ERIC, and specific research questions have been identified. In CO2 utilisation, the focus is on finding a variety of different technology options. High level needs of industry, and potential services of ECCSEL ERIC were looked at in closer detail.


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