ECCSEL RI updates - 18 Mar 2022

The ECCSEL TNO Miniplant is upgraded with a second plant

Due to active use of the ECCSEL TNO carbon capture pilot also known as the Miniplant, TNO has decided to build a second plant with additional new equipments. Water washed have been added to further lower the emissions of the plant and the second Miniplant is placed in a container for easy transportation. The container is designed in such a way that the Miniplant is also certified to be used in ATEX 2 zones, e.g. at refineries.
Both Miniplants are important facilities for CO2 capture technology and they will be available through the ECCSEL Research Infrastructure. At the moment, both Miniplants are being used in the projects LAUNCH and REALISE. By the end of 2022, the Miniplants will be available for use by other projects.  
Early 2022, the ATEX certified Miniplant is going to Ireland for the REALISE project, where CO2 will be captured at a refinery using new solvent technologies.

You can watch the latest video of the Miniplant inside the ATEX container here:
Credit: RealiseCCUS
For more information, visit the REALISE website: