ECCSEL RI updates - 18 Mar 2022

New facility from the British node


A new facility from the British node was included in ECCSEL ERIC in the December 2021 General Assembly. The GeoEnergy Test Bed (GTB) is ​a research facility initiated by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the University of Nottingham comprising an instrumented borehole array​.

The site represents a £6M investment to support new and emergent geo-energy sectors critical for a sustainable energy future. The GTB offer a national facility and catalyse collaboration between researchers, technology developers and industrial operators. It will improve understanding of impacts and processes in the shallow subsurface​ and enable development and testing of innovative monitoring technologies​. Furthermore, the GTB will provide ground truthing for advanced simulation software.

The GTB provides research technologies within CO2 storage such as pressure/injection, migration, monitoring, leakage mitigation/remediation and leakage.

Read the full factsheet of the BGS GeoEnergy Test Bed here.

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