ECCSEL RI updates - 30 Jun 2022

Grand opening of the Pore Imaging Laboratory

The grand opening of the SINTEF and ECCSEL ERIC Pore Imaging Laboratory was held on May 3rd in Trondheim, Norway
This multifaceted research facility consists of an industrial X-ray micro-CT scanner, with capabilities for running in-situ dynamic experiments at various temperature and pressure conditions.
This facility is complemented with strong computing power and advanced software for image analysis and modelling. Additionally, the ECCSEL ERIC Well Integrity Lab facilities from SINTEF Industry is also incorporated within the premises of the Pore Imaging lab, setting ground for simultaneous imaging of well and well bore related experiments carried out at realistic field conditions.
The research activities in Pore Imaging laboratory will set ground for advancing the research effort on CO2 underground storage. This unique research facility additionally covers a wide range of other applications such as subsurface geological materials and multiphase flow, general porous media, material, and mechanical characterisation, additive manufacturing, batteries, and reverse engineering.

"With the Pore Imaging Lab operative, we are now better equipped to pursue the answers to some of the more fundamental research questions related to the storage of CO2 that was not readily possible at laboratory level previously," expressed ECCSEL ERIC Pore Imaging Lab Project Leader, Amir Ghaderi.

Watch video of the laboratory below
Credit: Photographer Thor Nielsen