ECCSEL RI updates - 18 Mar 2022

ECCSEL follow-up meeting at IFE 2021


An ECCSEL follow-up meeting took place 12th November 2021 at the Institute of Energy Technology (IFE) in Kjeller. The ECCSEL Operations Centre also visited the two existing ECCSEL IFE facilities, the Geochemistry laboratory, and the FALCON flow assurance loop.

IFE’s lab for studying corrosivity of pipeline materials at different operating conditions, emphasizing the effects of impurities in the CO2, was also visited.

The FALCON flow loop has been significantly upgraded over the last 2-3 years and is in a strengthened position to serve the CCS industries’ need for testing new technologies and operating procedures related to pipeline transport, ship on/off-loading, and injection into storage reservoirs.

The upgrades include better instrumentation, possibility to operate at lower temperatures (-25oC) and equipment that simplifies the operation of the flow loop.

FALCON: New online sampling and analysis instruments - a gas chromatograph and a laser spectrometer - to study effects of impurities on transport issues

FALCON’s test section inclined to around 45 degrees.

FALCON upgrade – a new booster cooling plant that enables operating at temperatures down to -25oC

An X-ray instrument that ‘sees’ through the steel pipe - gives information of flow structures


Photo credit: IFE.

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