ECCSEL RI updates - 18 Mar 2022

ARMINES and MINES Paris have just recently been admitted as a new member of the French node in ECCSEL ERIC

Armines is in the process of becoming members of the French node in ECCSEL ERIC, which incorporates more industry-oriented research into the Research Infrastructure.

ARMINES is a French private non-profit research and technological organization.
ARMINES and MINES Paris has signed a Convention on November, 29th 2018, under the administrative authority of the French Minister of Industry, to perform the research contractual activities and academic research training of their common research and training center. MINES Paris gave a mandate to ARMINES to negotiate, contractualize and sign the contracts; therefore, ARMINES is in charge of their elaboration and management.
MINES Paris also gave an exclusive mandate to ARMINES to perform the rights and obligations for the implementation of the intellectual and industrial property rights generated by such contracts.
ARMINES and MINES Paris both belong to the Carnot M.I.N.E.S Institute.
ARMINES, through the Centre Thermodynamique des Procédés, research center of the Common Center DR to ARMINES and MINES Paris where researchers work in the field of thermodynamics of fluid phase equilibria (VLE, VLLE, LLE, SLE, density, heat capacity, etc…) and determination of thermophysical properties.
The Thermoprop is fully accessible for transnational access through the ECCSEL website and researchers can study technologies within capture, transport and storage.
Read the full factsheet of Armines Thermoprop facility here