Courses & Training - 16 Feb 2021

Presentations and video recording of "Characterisation of a CO2 geological storage site", the third webinar organised by ECCSEL under the ECCSELERATE project.

ECCSEL ERIC and its Horizon 2020 ECCSELERATE project are holding a series of webinars covering various CCUS topics. The third one was about "Characterisation of a CO2 geological storage site" and took place February, 25th.

Presentations and video recording of the third webinar held by ECCSEL under the ECCSELERATE project " Characterisation of a CO2 geological storage site"  are now online

The webinar was held on Thursday, February 25th, 2021

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The recording of the full webinar can be seen below. In case there are technical issues, you can then also access it also directly on the ECCSEL YouTube channel:


Karen Kirk, BSc, Geologist, BGS – Decarbonisation and Resource Management

Stéphane Polteau, PhD, Research Scientist, IFE – Reservoir Technology

Q&A session chaired by Valentina Volpi and Federica Donda - OGS



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ECCSEL  ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) was established in June 2017 as a permanent pan-European distributed research infrastructure, with the main objective of enhancing European science, technology development, innovation and education in the field of CCUS, in order to combat climate change.


ECCSELERATE project is aimed at increasing the accessibility to the excellent network of facilities already established in ECCSEL ERIC for a wider user group, part of the research and industrial community.


The ECCSELERATE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871143 

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