Courses & Training - 06 Dec 2023

ECCSELERATE Webinar 15: Sustainable aviation fuels for aviation decarbonization

ECCSEL ERIC and its Horizon 2020 ECCSELERATE project are holding a series of webinars covering various CCUS topics. Webinar fifteen is about "Sustainable aviation fuels for aviation decarbonization" and takes place online 6th December 2023 at 14-15 CET.

Sustainable aviation fuels for aviation decarbonization

Keynote Speakers:
Mohamed Pourkashanian OBE – University of Sheffield, UK

Sébastien Dupraz, researcher, BRGM, France

More information and registration can be found here.
An overview of past and upcoming ECCSELERATE webinars can be found here.

Aviation sector is currently responsible of about 2% of global CO2 emissions and a deep decarbonization of this sector is one of the key issues on energy transition. In this field, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) - produced from biomass by means of biological processes or from green hydrogen and captured CO2 through synthesis processes - represent the main pathway towards carbon neutrality in commercial aviation.
This webinar provides an overview of SAF production technologies, highlighting the perspectives and the main challenges of their developments.

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