Past ECCSEL ERIC and ECCSELERATE (an ECCSEL project) webinars including links to presentations and a recording of the actual webinars where available.

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ECCSELERATE Webinar 7: Advanced membranes for CO2 capture 26. Apr 2022 X X X
ECCSELERATE Webinar 6: CO2 conversion into renewable fuels and chemicals 4. Nov. 2021 X X X
ECCSELERATE Webinar 5: Calcium looping process for industry decarbonisation 16. June 2021 X X X
ECCSELERATE Webinar 4: Sustainable CCU technologies relevant for Europe and ECCSEL 28. Apr 2021 X X X
ECCSELERATE Webinar 3: Characterisation of a CO2 geological storage site 25. Feb 2021 X X X
ECCSELERATE Webinar 2: Research for safe and efficient CO2 transport and injection 16. Dec. 2020 X X X
ECCSELERATE Webinar 1: CO2 capture technology by membranes, sorbents and solvents 13. Oct. 2020 X X X


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Transport  Gas specif. (impurities, oxygen, sulphur) for CO2 transport) 7th July 2022 Chair: TBD
Lan Liu (Institute for Energy Technology, NO) 
Manuele Gatti (Politecnico di Milano, IT)
Daniele Di Bona (LEAP, IT)


Monitoring technologies of CO2 geological storage sites 12th July 2022 Chair: Jonathan Pearce (BGS, UK)
Helen Taylor-Curran and Ceri Vincent (BGS, UK)
Mohamed Pourkashanian (Univ. of Sheffield, UK) 


Injection and storage of CO2 XXth July 2022 Chair: Valentina Vopli (OGS, IT)
Philippe A. Pezard (CNRS, FR)
Cathrine Ringstad (Sintef AS, NO)

Photoelectrochemical reduction of CO2 XXth July 2022 Chair: TBD 
Manuel Alvarez Guerra (University of Cantabria, ES)
Sean Higgins (Heriot-Watt University, UK) - TBC
Transport The CO2 effect on polymeric materials within the CO2 transport chain (TBC) September 2022 Chair: TBD
Thijs Peters and Luca Ansaloni (SINTEF, NO) - TBC
Capture Next generation CO2 capture technologies (TBC) September 2022  
Transport Interfaces: Capt/Transp, Transp/Transp, Transp/Injection (TBC) October 2022  
Utilisation CO2 to sustainable aviation fuels (TBC) November 2022