VISC-DENS - Viscosity and density apparatus

Facility Location
City & country
Trondheim (Norway)
Sem Sælands vei 11, 7034
Description & contacts of the access provider
Legal name of organisation
SINTEF ER - SINTEF Energy Research
Infrastructure contact - Primary contact
Sigurd Weidemann Løvseth
RICC contact - Secondary contact
Sigurd Weidemann Løvseth
Facility Availability
Unit of access
Availability per year
6 months
Expected duration of single experiment:
Minimum 1 month
Operational or other constraints
Specific risks:
Necessary instructions for operation is important in order to reduce risks, but one experienced person from SINTEF ER will anyhow have to participate. A risk assessment will have to be performed ahead of the introduction of certain gases.
Legal issues
Access to SINTEF ER lab will require acceptance of safety and security policies and training.

The viscosity facility has been designed for very high accuracy and uniformity in temperature, pressure, and composition implying careful design and advanced instrumentation. The infrastructure is unique due to its particular adaptation to CCS applications, and is qualified for corrosive, toxic, and explosive mixtures.

The setup is utilizing a two-capillary design, with a design range between −60 and 200 °C in temperature and up to 500 bar in pressure. Except for in the immediate surroundings of the critical point, the setup is designed for an accuracy of the order of 0.1 % in viscosity and pressure, and 10 mK in pressure.

Thermal stability and uniformity are achieved through the use of highly accurate thermostatic baths. In order to get full benefit of the viscosity measurements, it is important to measure density of the same mixtures under identical conditions such that both kinematic and dynamic viscosities are found. Hence, an Anton Paar oscillating tube densimeter is connected to the viscometer, which can be used down to -10 °C.

The facility will be available from the beginning of 2018.

State of the art, uniqueness, & specific advantages

The facility can measure viscosity with very high accuracy, and is particularly useful for liquid CO2 mixtures where very little data is available.

Scientific Environment

The facility is located in the thermal laboratories of NTNU/SINTEF with its available infrastructures and services. Specifically, it could be a great advantage to utilize the ECCSEL NO2.4 CO2Mix setup for accurate gravimetric preparation of CO2-rich mixtures. The facility is also directly adjacent to the offices of leading scientists in the field of SINTEF and NTNU. Further advanced facilities for property measurements are planned in the same room.


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