SINTEF AS – pVT - Fluid (pVT) laboratory

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Trondheim (Norway)
Richard Birkelands vei
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Alv-Arne Grimstad
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Alv-Arne Grimstad
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Minimum 30 days
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30 days

The fluid laboratory consists of various fluid cells and apparatus for fluid studies:

  • Automated pVT-cell up to 700 bars and 150 °C
  • Special HPHT cells with working conditions up to 1400 bars and 210 °C
  • Automated slim tube apparatus (700 bars, 150 °C)
  • IFT cells (pendant drop, laser light scattering)
  • Diffusion cell (temperature- and compositional gradients)
  • Viscometers for HTHP conditions • Additional fluid properties and characterization
Fluid (pVT) laboratory
Fluid pVT equipment (working conditions: 700 bar 1nd 150 °C),
State of the art, uniqueness, & specific advantages

The fluid laboratory is well equipped to perform a large range of fluid studies under realistic conditions including HPHT conditions up to 1400 bars and 210 °C. All basic fluid properties may be measured in the laboratory including preparations and recombination of fluid samples. The laboratory is conducting research in fluid behaviour and fluid properties including miscibility studies. The work is mostly related to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes including CO2 injection for EOR as well as studies of CO2 behaviour and diffusion properties. The laboratory is also equipped for compositional analysis and various chemical analyses. The fluid laboratory is working in close connection with the core laboratory. The fluid laboratory is also working in close cooperation with other SINTEF PR laboratories within geochemical analysis and rock characterization and rock mechanics. In addition, SINTEF PR is collaborating with the laboratories of Institute of Petroleum, NTNU, such as fluid analysis and rheology.

Scientific Environment

The laboratory offers a wide range of services and special research experiments. Some of the more standard experiments and tests are listed below: Preparation and recombination of fluids

  • Fluid pVT studies (phase envelope, bubble point, fluid formation factor, compressibility, solution gas fluid ratio, etc.)
  • Fluid properties like density, viscosity, molecular weight, composition
  • Slim tube studies of miscibility
  • Surface and interfacial tension measurements
  • Diffusion measurements


EC DG Research - RFCS
Other Large Initiatives

selected publications

Darvish GD, Lindeberg E, Holt T, Utne SA, Kleppe J (June 2006)
Reservoir conditions laboratory experiments of CO2 injection into fractured cores
presented at the SPE Eurupec/EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition, vienna
Unpublished fluid properties analyses for clients