27 Mar 2023

CCUS regional seminar in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

This seminar will discuss the potential of the CCUS sector to help decarbonize the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, according to its specificities and needs, and the role of its actors to enable the development of this sector in France. It is organised by Club CO2, the French association of actors in the industrial world and research on CCUS, and the French branch of the European research infrastructure ECCSEL on CCUS, with the support of the European research project ECCSELERATE. Registration deadline: March 15 at 17:00 pm More information and register here:



Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals 2023

Maternushaus, Cologne (Germany)
The nova “Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals” is one of the most established worldwide and has developed into a unique meeting and networking place for the entire Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) and Power-to-X industry and its customers. The upcoming 10th edition of this conference again will continue with this success and will showcase again the newest and most important developments in the fast growing field of CO2 capture and utilisation. Registration:


15th Annual International Conference on Porous Media

Trondheim CCS Conference (TCCS-12)

The Trondheim CCS Conference is a world (TCCS) is a globally leading scientific CCS technology conference, and an essential meeting place for over 400 CCS experts and world leading speakers.

Carbon capture technology EXBO

The concept of carbon capture is nothing new. However, a number of technical and economic challenges need to be overcome before carbon capture can be fully realized as a major contributor to reducing global carbon emissions. Carbon Capture Expo Europe is a solutions-driven forum that will discuss the development of new technologies to overcome these technical challenges and propel carbon capture into the mainstream for stationary and mobile applications. The two-day event will bring together leading engineering firms, technology manufacturers and suppliers, energy firms, the oil and gas sector, heavy industry, chemical companies, various manufacturing organizations, research groups and NGOs, consultants, and government bodies to explore how we can rapidly accelerate the deployment and commercialization of carbon-removal technologies as a key solution on the pathway to net-zero carbon emissions.