The Pilot-scale Advanced CO2 Capture Technology (PACT) facilities are national specialist R&D facilities for combustion and carbon capture technology research, encompassing advanced fossil-fuel energy, bioenergy and carbon capture and storage/utilisation technologies for power generation and industrial applications.

PACT facilities bring together a comprehensive range of integrated pilot-scale and accompanying specialist research and analytical facilities, supported by leading academic expertise. The purpose of PACT is to support and catalyse industrial and academic R&D in order to accelerate the development and commercialisation of novel technologies for carbon capture and clean power generation. PACT facilities bridge the gap between bench-scale R&D and large-scale industrial pilot trials, enabling users to develop and demonstrate their technologies to provide the necessary commercial confidence before committing to the significant costs of large-scale trails. PACT offers a cost-effective and comprehensive research capability by consolidating state-of-the-art facilities and providing shared access to industry and academia.

You can find the PACT factsheet here.