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ATCM (NL1.6)

Aerosol Test and Counter Measure

Emission monitoring and control is now an important aspect of the technology deployment for CO2 capture. Especially formation of aerosols (mechanisms, conditions) and reduction/prevention of the aerosol formation to protect the environment is a crucial part of implementation of CCS technology. A unique infrastructure has been developed to generate H2SO4 aerosol droplets in-house, simulating the aerosols as observed in power and industrial plants. A wide range of H2SO4 concentrations and thus, particle number and size distribution can be obtained from this setup.

State of the Art, uniqueness & specific advantages

Emission monitoring and control with respect to aerosols has not been studied at any large extent connected to CCS. This is a crucial aspect to address. With the infrastructure we are able to study the phenomena in detail.

Scientific Environment

The facility is successfully used for business to business projects and other research programmes such as greenhouse applications, production of gases, materials testing.

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Aerosol control, Solvents
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Physical processes
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Delft, Netherlands
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