Carbonia-Grande Miniera di Serbariu, 09013 , Italy



CO2 capture with liquid solvents

The COHYGEN facility was originally based on an atmospheric fixed-bed up-draft gasification reactor that is currently under decommissioning.

However, the facility has been recently equipped with a fully operating CO2 capture system based on liquid solvents, which can be fed with real syngas for pre-combustion capture experimental tests or with a simulated flue gas (prepared by mixing gas provided in cylinders) for post-combustion tests.

The absorption process takes place in a packed column integrated with a regeneration system based on a thermal stripping process. Such system makes it possible to evaluate the performance of solvents in terms of CO2 loading and specific energy consumption and to study solvent loss and degradation during several absorption and regeneration cycles.

State of the Art, uniqueness & specific advantages

The facility has been used for tests with several solvents and blended amines (MEA, DEA, MDEA, AMP). The thermal stripping process is based on electrical heating, which provides optimal temperature control of the regeneration process in different experimental conditions and reliable evaluation of the energy consumption. Other potential uses of the facility concerns tests on zeolites or non-aqueous organic solvents with low heat capacity and regeneration based on forced circulation reboiler, for the reduction of the stripping temperature and of the energy costs related to the carbon dioxide desorption.

Scientific Environment

The facility is located at the pilot platform of the Sotacarbo Research Centre. All the services, instruments and the other facilities of Sotacarbo are therefore available in support of the research activities performed at the COHYGEN system.

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Società Tecnologie Avanzate Carbone
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Fluid dynamics, Chemistry/Geochemistry
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Carbonia-Grande Miniera di Serbariu, 09013 , Italy
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Selected Publications

Fuel, 207: 663-670. (2017)
CO2 capture and amine solvent regeneration in Sotacarbo pilot plant
Deiana P., Bassano C., Calì G., Miraglia P., Maggio E.