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ACEMAC Nano-scale (UK5.2)

Aberdeen Centre for Electron Microscopy, Analysis and Characterisation - Micro and Nano Microscopy and Analysis Facility

Aberdeen Centre for Electron Microscopy, Analysis and Characterisation (ACEMAC) is based around a Carl Zeiss GeminiSEM 300 – high resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) with SE (secondary electron), BSE (backscattered electron) and CL (cathodoluminescence) detectors.

The GeminiSEM 300 can be operated in both high vacuum and variable pressure modes, enabling imaging of a wide variety of sample types, from steel to rocks to biological cells. The SEM is equipped with Oxford Instruments EDS (AZtec energy) and EBSD (AZtecHKL) analytical systems. Mineral, chemical, and EBSD mapping is routine. Analysis can be integrated with onsite CT analysis of rock cores. The facility is supported by a full time highly experienced technician. www.abdn.ac.uk/acemac

State of the Art, uniqueness & specific advantages

ACEMAC provides world class microscopy facilities for a range of material from rock to biological samples.

Scientific Environment

The facility is based on the main Aberdeen University campus and use can be integrated with onsite CT analysis of rock cores (see associated facility bid) and our rock physics and geomechanics lab


Operating by

University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen
United Kingdom
CAPTURE technologies:
any micro/nano scale analysis of materials
STORAGE technologies:
Migration, Caprock/well integrity, Leakage mitigation/remediation, Reactivity/mineralisation, Leakage, Static modelling, Dynamic modelling, any micro/nano scale analysis of materials
UTILISATION technologies:
CO2 Conversion to Solid Carbonates, Smart integrations with carbon capture and re-use into valuable products, any micro/nano scale analysis of materials
TRANSPORT technologies:
Material testing, CO2 pipeline transport and integrity, any micro/nano scale analysis of materials
Research Fields:
Chemistry/Geochemistry, Microbiology, Ecosystem, Geology/Geophysics, Mechanics/Geomechanics, Material science, Modelling, Physical processes, Engineering
Facility's fact sheet

Location & Contacts

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
RICC Contacts - Secondary contact
Simon Gregory

Facility Availability

Unit of access (UA)
Availability per year (in UA)
90 days
Duration of a typical access (average) and number of external users expected for that access
1-5 days
Average number of external users expected for typical access

Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QA)

Activities / tests / data are
State of Quality: The facility is run by a trained technician. A set of global standards are used to test and verify results. The facility is serviced annually by Oxford Instruments.

Operational or other constraints

Specific risks:
Legal issues

CCUS Projects

EU-Funded CCUS Projects
Other CCUS Projects
Natural Analogues for CO2 storage: the Bongwana CO2 seep.
Including petrophysics, elemental and crystallographic analysis.

Selected Publications

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