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CySim - Adsorption model (UK3.5)

Adsorption Process Modelling and Optimisation

The Adsorption group has developed tools for the dynamic simulation and optimisation of adsorption systems for separation processes.

T he adsorption simulator CySim (https://www.carboncapture.eng.ed.ac.uk/lab/cysim) contains different mass and heat transfer models and allows the simulation of multi-column adsorption cycles; thus, it is applicable to a wide range of adsorbents and process conditions. The simulator has been linked to multi-objective optimisation tools for the design of efficient cycle configurations and for the parameter estimation from adsorption experiments. Furthermore, the adsorption simulator can be integrated with complete flow sheet simulations, e.g. coal fired power station, using Unisim Design, the Honeywell process simulator.

  • Validated adsorption simulator

  • Experience in simulating pressure and temperature swing cycles for several different gas separations

  • Optimisation of adsorption processes with respect to purity, recovery, energy consumption and productivity

  • Can be run with flow sheet simulations for the calculation of complete processes

  • Integration with molecular simulation for the calculation of adsorbent properties

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Scientific Environment

  • Adsorbent material testing in the Fundamentals of Adsorption and Membranes lab

  • Adsorption process experiments in the Adsorption and Membrane Processes lab

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The University of Edinburgh
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Sorbents, Systems
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Physical processes, Engineering, Thermodynamics
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Selected Publications

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (26), 8897-8905 (2013)
Efficient simulation and acceleration of convergence for a dual piston pressure swing adsorption system.
D Friedrich, MC Ferrari, S Brandani
Chemical Engineering Science 126, 616-624 (2015)
Automatic estimation of kinetic and isotherm parameters from ZLC experiments.
D Friedrich, E Mangano, S Brandani
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 (45), 15491-15511 (2018)
From crystal to adsorption column: challenges in multiscale computational screening of materials for adsorption separation processes.
H Farmahini, S Krishnamurthy, D Friedrich, S Brandani, L Sarkisov