Rijswijk, Netherlands



RCSG (NL1.7)

Test RIG and Large Well

The large scale drilling rig and testwell is a unique R&D facility to test well technology on real scale in a safe and controlled environment. It consists of a semi-automatic drilling RIG with three drilling slots.

At one of the slots a well has been drilled and is currently completed with a removable working string of a diameter of 476 mm and a length of 350 m. The other two slots are fully prepared for drilling.

Topics that have been addressed over the years include expandable casing and all related tools, down hole sensing systems, rotary steerables, novel pipe handling systems and several drilling automation tools. The Rig is equipped with an extremely accurate measurement system and can be operated by hand and/or by computer (Scada Drill).

New research topics under evaluation are:

              Testing of casing integrity;

              Well abandonment;

              Vertical CO2 Flow;

              Well intervention and maintenance;

              Monitoring and logging;

              Field approval testing of tools and systems.

The system can be used for training purposes and act as a Field lab for smart sensoring and augmented reality.





Permanent casing



350 Meter

 Diameter in

476 mm (18.74”)


211 Bar


100 Bar




250 Ton


100 Ton


400 kW


16 m

 Rotary table


Top drive



20 kNm


200 rpm


250 kW


700 bar

Pipe Handler


 Casing size

2 ¼ to 20 ‘’

 Pipe length

13.5 m


4.5 Ton

Mud system


3 Halliburton HT 400 electric driven high pressure pump

1600 l/min @ 100 bar

300 l/min @ 700 bar

State of the Art, uniqueness & specific advantages

The Test RIG and Large Well are integral part of the Rijswijk Center for Sustainable Geo-energy. This open innovation center offers a large range of testing facilities in the former Shell Well Technology Laboratory. The site is fully accessible through portal cranes. There is a long experience with handling large samples and setups. There are several sizes working strings available on stock, all required handling tooling is available, a 1000 bar pressure test system can be connected, a 2.4 MW mud pump system, etc.

Scientific Environment

The RCSG is an open research center, operated by TNO. TNO can offer full technical support, but parties can arrange their own (qualified) support if required. Scientific support is available within TNO or with the associated Academic partners. Besides technology development the center has ambitions on public communication, training and education as well.

Operating by


Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek
STORAGE technologies:
Pressure/injection, Caprock/well integrity, Leakage mitigation/remediation, Monitoring
TRANSPORT technologies:
Security/troubleshooting, Fluid characterisation, Flow Characterisation, Material testing, CO2 pipeline transport and integrity
Research Fields:
Remote sensing, Fluid dynamics, Geology/Geophysics, Mechanics/Geomechanics, Monitoring, Material science, Engineering
Facility's fact sheet

Location & Contacts

Rijswijk, Netherlands
Frank van Bergen
RICC Contacts - Secondary contact
Peter van Os

Facility Availability

Unit of access (UA)
Availability per year (in UA)
13 weeks
Duration of a typical access (average) and number of external users expected for that access
Depending on the nature of the test. • Tool and equipment testing typically 1 week. • Sealing/Plugging related tests may take considerably more time. In general Rig and Well access is limited to a single external user.
Average number of external users expected for typical access

Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QA)

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State of Quality: For business related questions please contact Gert-Jan Heerens: For technical questions please contact Koen Castelein:

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