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PACT Gas Mixing Facility (GMF)

The Gas Mixing Facility (GMF) enables the mixing of individual gas components to create synthetic flue/ process gas mixtures.

The GMF is fed by large cryogenic N2, O2, CO2 storage tanks, complemented by trace gas/liquid spray injection. The GMF is connected directly to the PACT Solvent-based Carbon Capture Plant (SCCP). Together these facilities create a powerful combination enabling research on carbon capture from emissions from a variety power generation or industrial installations such as steel, cement or biogas production. It can simulate any flue gas composition, enabling the development of bespoke capture technologies for these sectors. The integrated system also allows long runs (with synthetic gas mixtures) for example, in examining the performance and ageing of new capture media, which would otherwise be impractical / expensive.  

Example applications  

  • Development/evaluations of capture solvents for specific power or industrial installations 

  • Long-term and accelerated solvent degradation studies 

  • Evaluation of the impact of plant operational flexibility including start-up and turn down on the performance of Carbon Capture Plant 

  • Evaluation of the impact of fuel change (co-firing/ biomass) on the performance of carbon capture system 

Technical description 


The GMF comprises three accurate gas metering and mixing lines fed directly from large N2, O2, CO2 storage tanks. This is complemented by trace gas injection ports (fed by NOx and SOx cylinders and optionally other trace gases) to simulate different flue/process gas composition. Injection of liquid spray into the gas stream is also possible.  The skid is operated and monitored using a dedicated PLC panel for main gases; trace gas injection is controlled manually through flow metering skid.  

  • Associated analytical facilities: 

  • Flue gas analysis: dedicated flue gas analysers are installed on the associated PACT SCCP plant, monitoring CO2,O2, NOx/NO and SOx concentrations at the capture plant inlet  

  • Wider gas analysis: a GASMET FTIR industrial analyser is also used for the  monitoring of a wide range of compounds including ammonia, formaldehyde, and others 


  • Wide range of simulated flue/process gas composition for Post Combustion Capture research  

  • Open access: the facilities are open access to both industry and academia, for more cost effective utilisation   

  • Shared office facilities: the PACT facilities have shared office space both on site as well in PACT administrative offices nearby; these offices are open to visitors accessing the facilities during experimental work.  





  • Fully integrated system with Carbon Capture plant 

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