Policies and Guidelines

ECCSEL ERIC is governed by a set of procedures and guidelines. These are also applicable to the externally funded projects ECCSEL ERIC participate in.

ECCSEL ERIC Access Policy

ECCSEL ERIC Data Management Policy

ECCSEL ERIC Gender Equality Plan


Peer Review assessment criteria: 

Applications for facility access are evaluated in accordance with ECCSEL ERIC principles of scientific excellence, and relevance and the conditions of the supporting funding call.  Some or all of the following selection criteria may also apply:

  • Scientific merit (originality, innovation, methodology, state of the art)
  • Level of research and the extent to which the proposal will produce new knowledge
  • Feasibility within the selected facility specifications
  • Dissemination of results
  • Technology Readiness Level
  • Ethical perspectives
  • Environmental impact
  • Required time for the research