Research topics

CO2 Capture, Transport, Use and Storage and related relevant research areas

Our Research Topics and Applications of technology

Capture of CO2

  • Power generation
  • Bioenergy with carbon capture (BECCS)
  • Industry (Cement, Steel, Fertiliser, ...)
  • Direct Air Capture (DAC)
  • Hydrogen production with CO2 capture

Transport of CO2

  • Properties of CO2 and mixtures
  • Flow characterisation
  • Fiscal metering and flow monitoring 
  • Non-equilibrium phenomena

Utilisation of CO2

  • Research supporting Projects of Common Interest (PCI), new CCUS chain concepts and transport networks (including hubs, buffers).
  • Integrated concepts of Capture (including DAC) and conversion (One-carbon (C1) – platform molecules) and Synthetic biology for increased conversion efficiencies in biological conversion and efficient downstream product processing.
  • Increased uptake of CO2 during carbonation of primary and waste materials for the production of building materials (mineralisation).
  • Increased direct uptake of CO2 for polymer production.
  • Support new promising CO2 conversion methods based on electrochemical and thermo-catalytic systems, in view of full chain development of ammonia and hydrogen energy carrier applications.
  • Synthetic fuels production using CO2

Storage of CO2

  • Dynamic storage capacity and pressure-connected volume
  • Storage optimisation and injection strategies
  • Storage permitting

Energy Storage

  • Hydrogen underground storage
  • Production of biofuels using CO2