CERTH Storage facilities - CO2 Storage facilities

Facility Location
City & country
Kalamaria (Greece)
Οδός χλμ.), Τ.Θ. 60328, Θέρμη, 57001, Χαρ. Θέρμης 6, Thessaloniki 570 01, Grecia
Description & contacts of the access provider
Legal name of organisation
CERTH - Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
Infrastructure contact - Primary contact
V. Gemeni
RICC contact - Secondary contact
V. Gemeni
Facility Availability
Unit of access
Availability per year
Minimum 3 weeks
Expected duration of single experiment:
No experiments are considered for the Storage Facility

The CERTH Storage infrastructure provides facilities for the characterisation of a storage site. This includes an X-Ray Diffractometer for the mineralogical characterisation of the reservoir and cap rock, a spectrophotometer for the chemical analysis of the water samples, a CHNS analyser for the determination of the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur. Moreover, the CERTH Storage is equipped with an Atomic Adsorption Spectrometer (AAS) for the determination of chemical elements and a calorimeter for the measuring of the high heating value of coal and lignite samples.

X-Ray Diffractometer
Atomic Adsorption spectrometer
State of the art, uniqueness, & specific advantages

Over recent years, CERTH’s facilities are becoming more and more attractive for carrying out scientific research due to uniqueness of the services that it can provide. The equipment and the highly qualified personnel have also drawn the attention of the industrial sector. Some areas of research that are supported by the infrastructure are:

  • Promotion, implementation and improvement of “cleaner” coal combustion technologies (CCTs).
  • Minimization of pollutants including fly ash, other by-products utilization and CCS technologies.
  • Promotion and enhancement of gasification and hydrogen production technologies


Scientific Environment

The services that are offered by CERTH Lab are achieved through the use of its equipment infrastructure and involve proof of concept experiments, heat balance studies, combustion and gasification studies, mineralogical and petrographical examination, cores/samples studies, etc. The laboratory is certified with ISO17025 for the determination of: moisture, ash, volatiles, total moisture, chlorine, CHNS, heating value, ash metals, as well as the biogenic fraction of SRF fuels. In that certification lays the uniqueness of CERTH facilities in Greece.


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