Catenoy - Catenoy experimental site in Oise

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Oise (France)
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An injection site in underground environment with controlled conditions and in situ measurements devices at Catenoy, coupled with advanced laboratory facilities at INERIS to measure gaz-water-rock interaction.




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The injection site is unique in France and probably in Europe. It is located 50 km North from Paris and comprises:


9 piezometers of 25 m depth, in the chalky aquifer of Paris Basin


4 less deep " piezairs " of 11 m (in the not saturated zone),


a technical shed including station dedicated to continuous gas monitoring


a meteo station.


The 7 main piezometers are aligned in the flow direction of the aquifer, covering a 60m distance. One is devoted to injection, another is upstream to control the baseline environment, the others are downstream.

State of the art, uniqueness, & specific advantages

The injection site can be operated at lower cost. The aquifer and its natural flow were thoroughly characterized through previous projects. Other sensors or measuring devices can be installed on the site in the request for a given experiment.

The use of such a site for monitoring for direct CO2 injection and for push-pull experiments is unique in France.

The laboratory includes several advanced facilities and allows to run parallel experiments on 6 different lab stations. The Laboratory measurements are usually performed to characterize processes such as gas production and migration, gas sorption, geochemical processes, effects on water quality in the short term or the longer term.

Scientific Environment

Located 20 km from INERIS, the injection site can easily be operated and monitored.

For most experiments, 1 or 2 days are necessary to prepare the injection (or push-pull)

Besides the in-situ measurement, dedicated samplings and lab measurements can be carried out.