GIG-MBR - Pilot-scale moving bed reactor

Facility Location
City & country
Mikołów (Poland)
Description & contacts of the access provider
Legal name of organisation
GIG - Główny Instytut Górnictwa
Infrastructure contact - Primary contact
Adam Smoliński
RICC contact - Secondary contact
Natalia Howaniec
Facility Availability
Unit of access
Availability per year
Maximum 1 week per project duration
Expected duration of single experiment:
2 days
Operational or other constraints
Specific risks:
High temperature, high pressure

The pilot-scale moving bed reactor is designed to perform large scale tests on gasification of solid fuels at temperatures up to 1200ºC and under pressure up to 3 MPa. It gives the possibility to test the gasification process and in-situ CO2 capture process at larger scale, thus reducing possible scale-effects. Gaseous media like air, oxygen, and CO2 may be applied.

MBR installation, Laboratory of Advanced Energy Technologies, Clean Coal Technologies Centre, GIG, Mikołów, Poland.
State of the art, uniqueness, & specific advantages

The installation is intended to be applied in large scale gasification tests contributing to the development of zero emission coal processing technology in energy applications. The dedicated research area covered includes fossil fuels gasification optimization, in particularly CO2 capture.

Scientific Environment

Laboratories of environment monitoring and solid fuels quality assessment.