Facility Access

How to get access to any of the facility part of the ECCSEL Research Infrastructure

ECCSEL provides currently two types of access to its RI:

Standard Access

Standard access is funded by using own funding the researcher has. This comes for example from the organisation or institute he works for or from a national, EU or international project funding.

Applications can be made for any of the facilities included (nationally and internationally)



Who can apply: Anyone from anywhere in the world

For which facility: Any facility which is part of the ECCSEL RI


Free access funded by EU's H2020 Infradev-3 project.

Free access is currently available to some selected ECCSEL RI facilities (see below). Free access must be Trans-National. That means that the researcher must be employed in another country than the country where the research facility is located.

Please use this link http://old.eccsel.org/Sections.aspx?section=554 to go to the old ECCSEL site for more information.

How to apply for access - Instructions

Application process for Standard Access

  1. Register / login 
  2. Search for the relevant facility under 'Offer' 
  3. It is advisable to talk to the facility contact before applying for access to discuss suitability, availability and special requirements.
  4. Click on the star at the right top corner of the facility to add it to the wish list (multiple facilities can be selected)
  5. Click on 'Submit your application' in top right on the main menu bar
  6. Enter the project details in the required screens (you can save an application and resume completing the application later)
  7. Submit the application


Application process for free EU H2020 Infradev-3 project funded access

Free Transnational Access application

The third and last Transnational Access Call with funding from the Horizon 2020 Infradev-3 program is open until the 31. July 2017. Please submit your proposal latest no later than that date. Proposal submission should be done fully electronically online. If you would like to see all the information required, you can download a PDF version of this form here.

Facilities available for free Transnational Access funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme


For each facility is access available for 1 user for 1 project. Typically, access duration for a project equals “access unit” MULTIPLIED by “quantity”. Please use the link “Offer” above to see detailed information of all facilities (not all are included in this TA call).

INFRADEN-3 Transnational Access - Capture
Institution Country Number Short Name Long Name Access unit Quantity
CERTH GR TA 9.1 CERTH CLC Chemical Looping Combustion facility week 3
ETH-Z CH TA11.1 ETH-BAL Adsorption Equilibrium Measurement Balance month 1
ETH-Z CH TA11.2 ETH-PSA Two column lab PSA setup month 1
GIG PL TA12.2 GIG-FBR Fixed bed reactor week 3
GIG PL TA12.1 GIG-HPTGA High pressure thermogravimetric analyzer week 3
GIG PL TA12.3 GIG-MBR Pilot-scale moving bed reactor week 1
NTNU NO TA1.5 ABSEQ Thermodynamic studies package week 4
NTNU NO TA1.1 MEM-FAB Facilities to fabricate polymer-based membranes. Those can be testet on the MEM-PERM facilities to test membrane gas permeation performance week 4
SINTEF (MC) NO TA4.3 SINTEF PPLab Powder processing laboratories for CCS day 5
SINTEF (MC) NO TA4.5 SINTEF SDR Solvent Degradation Rig day 30
SINTEF (MC) NO TA4.6 SINTEF Tiller Pilot Tiller CO2 Capture Pilot Plant day 20
SINTEF ER NO TA 8.1 CLC Hot Rig Chemical Looping Combustion Rig week 2
SOTA-CARBO IT TA 10.1 COHYGEN COHYGEN (Coal to Hydrogen Generation) pilot plant day 20
TNO NL TA2.3 CLC CLC fixed bed facility week 4
TNO NL TA2.4 High-P abs&des High pressure absorption and desorption pilot week 4
TNO NL TA2.1 Mini Plant Mini Plant for solvent preparation & testing week 4
TNO NL TA2.2 Qscan QSCAN solvent test street week 4


INFRADEN-3 Transnational Access - Storage
Institution Country Number Short Name Long Name Access unit Quantity
BGS / NERC UK TA3.3 HTL Hydrothermal Laboratory month 1
BGS / NERC UK TA3.2 RMPL Rock Mechanics and Physics Laboratory week 4
BGS / NERC UK TA3.1 TPRL Transport Properties Research Laboratory month 1
CERTH GR TA 9.2 CERTH Storage facilities CO2 Storage facilities week 3
CIUDEN ES TA5.1 PISCO2 Pilot for Injection of CO2 in Soils week 3
ETH-Z CH TA11.4 ETH Conf-Perm High pressure hydrostatic flow cell month 1
OGS IT TA7.1 DeepLab DeepLab Sea Floor Landers for meteooceanographic physical and geochemical data collection day 5
OGS IT TA7.4 Panarea Natural Laboratory Study the impact of CO2 on benthic organisms and marine ecosystems day 5
SINTEF PETRO-LEUM NO TA13.1 SINTEF PR – SCAL Core Flood (SCAL) laboratory day 30


INFRADEN-3 Transnational Access - Transport
Institution Country Number Short Name Long Name Access unit Quantity
CIUDEN ES TA5.2 Transport Rig Transport Test Rig at es.CO2 Technology Development Centre for CO2 Capture day 10

Selection criteria

Research Project Selection criteria
The selection of the proposal and the allocation of the facility to prospective users during the Transnational Access Programme will be performed by a Peer Review Committee composed of experts nominated by the General Assembly and will consist of:

  •          The Project Coordinator
  •          An internal Scientific Group from relevant partners (2-3 members)
  •          External Advisors from Industry, Academia and Research Institutions (3 members)

Evaluation of the Transnational Access project proposals will be made in accordance with the ECCSEL principles (scientific quality, relevance, and uniqueness) and selection criteria developed during the preparatory phase (Del. 2.7 on ECCSEL PP2). A summary of these criteria is given below.

Projects will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  •          Technology Readiness Level (reviewed through Task 1.5 Innovation Management Tool)
  •          Level of Research and the extent to which the proposal will produce new knowledge
  •          Scientific Merit (Originality, Innovation, Methodology, State of the art)
  •          Feasibility, Relevance
  •          Dissemination of results
  •          Ethical Perspective
  •          Environmental Impact
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