PACT OCP (PC17) - PACT 250kW Oxyfuel Combustion Plant (OCP)

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Sheffield, S20 1AH (United Kingdom)
Unit 2 Crown Works Industrial Estate, Rotherham Road, Beighton
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The 250kW Oxyfuel Combustion Plant (OCP) utilises the 250kW Air Combustion Plant operated in an Oxyfuel mode whereby fuel is combusted in an atmosphere of CO2 and O2 rather than in air. This prevents nitrogen in the air generating flue gases with around 95% CO2 suitable (after processing) for geological storage or CO2 utilisation applications.
In this mode the plant is operated with a dedicated Oxyfuel Gas Mixing System (OGMS) - an automatic high precision CO2 and O2 mixing skid, which provides individually mixed CO2 - O2 gas feeds, including high CO2/O2.