PACT-ACP - PACT 250 kW Air Combustion Plant (ACP)

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Sheffield, S20 1AH (United Kingdom)
Unit 2 Crown Works Industrial Estate, Rotherham Road, Beighton
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The Air Combustion Plant (ACP) is a cylindrical design, 250kWth down-fired pulverised fuel combustion system with interchangeable coal/biomass burners, fuel (coal/biomass) feeding system, a dedicated air metering skid, flue gas filter, heat exchanger, and a temperature and flow monitored water cooling system for the combustion vessel and flue ducts.

The plant is operated using a dedicated control system connected to an industry standard SCADA system in a central control room for system monitoring, operation and data acquisition.


Lower floor of the rig (from left: Oxyfuel skid, air skid, gas heater controllers, bottom of combustion vessel, fuel feeding system. control PLC)

Example Applications:

  • Conventional combustion research with state of the art analytical capability to enable flame visualisation and modelling for combustion system design, development and optimisation.
  • Fuel testing and system optimisation for different types of fuels and fuel combinations coal, co-firing and biomass combustion.
  • Post Combustion Capture research: the rig flue gas is connected to a 1tonne/day (150kW equivalent) Solvent-based Carbon Capture Plant enabling post-combustion capture research with different fuels and under different combustion conditions.
  • Air to oxy firing: the rig enables conventional air firing as well as research into O2 enriched air combustion for example for more difficult samples such as biomass; in combination with a dedicated gas mixing facility the rig can also be operated in simulated and full oxyfuel mode with Exhaust gas recirculation as a 250kW Oxyfuel Combustion Plant.