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HIPROX - High Pressure Oxy-Fuel Combustion Facility

Facility Location
City & country
Trondheim (Norway)
Sem Sælands vei 11, 7034
Description & contacts of the access provider
Legal name of organisation
SINTEF ER - SINTEF Energy Research
Infrastructure contact - Primary contact
Mario Ditaranto
RICC contact - Secondary contact
Sigurd Weidemann Løvseth
Facility Availability
Unit of access
Availability per year
Minimum 10 days
Expected duration of single experiment:
10 days
Operational or other constraints
Specific risks:
Ahead planning is critical, in particular for lead time in gas delivery, flange adaptation, construction, and pressure directives certification in case of test of own hardware, etc.

The High Pressure Oxy-fuel combustion facility (HIPROX) is a pressurized combustion rig for the study of combustion in oxy-fuel atmospheres, i.e. mixtures of CO2 and O2 oxidizers. The combustion chamber is particularly suited for gas turbine type combustion systems, where the gas streams can be distributed between primary and dilution zones. The defined power load with methane or natural gas as fuel is 125 kW at 10 bar with pre-heating of CO2 up to 300ºC at 90 g/s. The installation can also be operated with air which can be heated up to 400ºC at 150 g/s. The flexibility of the installation is such that a custom design burner can be adapted to the pressurized unit, allowing external users to bring a burner provided it has followed our construction specifications and necessary approval. The fixed monitoring of the unit is composed of dynamic and static pressure, heat flux probe, internal chamber wall temperature, exit gas temperature, and an averaging sampling probe connected to a FTIR gas analyser taylored for oxy-fuel exhaust gases. In addition, four ways optical access around the flame zone allows for flame visualization (direct and chemiluminescence imaging) and eventually use of laser diagnostics (not provided in the base cost).

Test cell of CO2Mix phase equilibrium facility
Setup to prepare highly accurate calibration mixtures
State of the art, uniqueness, & specific advantages

HIPROX has the possibility of using one stream of pure oxygen, two streams of fuel, and two streams of pure CO2 at controlled mass flow and pre-heat temperature in a pressurized environment. When coupled with the FTIR instrument, it is possible to measure several species simultaneously. The facility is particularly well suited for combustion studies with gas mixtures that can be found in oxy-fuel combustion processes and is able to monitor all parameters necessary for the operation of a gas turbine engine. The construction has been made versatile as to easily adapt other burners and even flame tubes.

Scientific Environment

The HIPROX infrastructure offers assessment of the general combustion performance of oxy-fuel related processes through the measurements of pollutants emissions or impurities, flame stability, thermo-acoustic instabilities and in-chamber heat transfer. The parameters that can be easily varied are the CO2 and oxygen distribution, individual stream temperature, and the conventional combustion parameters (power, equivalence ratio).


EC DG Research - RFCS
Other Large Initiatives

selected publications

M. Ditaranto, I. Saanum, P.E. Røkke (26 - 29 October 2015)
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Wuhan, China
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Gas Turbines Power 136
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The 7th Trondheim CCS Conference (TCCS-7)