Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (CIUDEN)

CIUDEN is a research institution created by the Spanish Government in 2006. CIUDEN´s main objectives are the R&D and demonstration of efficient, cost effective and reliable CCS and CCT through the design, operation and construction of a large-scale integrated Technology Development Plant (TDP) for Capture and a TDP for Geological Storage of CO2.

The aim of the latter is to quickly develop Spanish know-how on geological storage of CO2 in saline aquifers for environmental safety and technological and economically viability. The Capture TDP is currently under construction in “El Bierzo” in North-western of Spain, close to the 1312 MWe Compostilla Power Station, owned by Endesa and featuring a 30MWth Oxy-CFB and will be in operation ca. May 2010. The “Compostilla integrated project” in El Bierzo is one of 6 projects retained by the EC under the EEPR and the only one selected in Spain. Its innovative design, modularity and versatility will place CIUDEN and Spain at the forefront of the world’s CCS development initiatives. CIUDEN aims to support and promote international cooperation so as to enhance European competitiveness through  strategic research partnerships with industry, SMEs, Universities and research institutions.