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SINTEF PR - SINTEF Petroleum Research

SINTEF Petroleum AS is a research institute fully owned by the SINTEF Foundation, which is Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation (2100 employees).
The foundation is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research company that possesses international top-level expertise in technology, medicine and social sciences. The number of employees at SINTEF Petroleum as of January 2012 was 109, and the annual turnover in 2011 was NOK 178 million. Its aim is to improve the mapping and recovery of national and international oil and gas reserves in a profitable, environmentally friendly and safe manner. SINTEF Petroleum currently has customers and partners from all over the world.
SINTEF Petroleum recognized early the possibility of capture and geological storage of CO2 as an option to reduce global CO2 emissions. The company has an over 20 year long record in applying its expertise in the development of technology for this concept, e.g. conceptual and economic analyses, numerical simulations of CO2 injection and underground migration on short and long time scales, and experimental work on core flooding and phase behaviour. The Drilling and Well group at SINTEF Petroleum has long experience in developing safe concepts for wells for CO2 storage based on experience with wells for petroleum exploration and production.
SINTEF Petroleum Research
  Maria Barrio Hernandez
S. P. Andersens veg 15 B; Trondheim